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Founded in 2017 by Beka Hussong, 3BWaxing is your one-stop salon for waxing, chemical peels and body scrubs. Beka is the esthetician and professional waxer who specializes in providing the best Brazilian wax. Her passion for hair removal stems from her own personal struggle with body hair. After working with top companies in the beauty industry since 2010, she combined her knowledge and passion to open up her own salon. She is certified in PCA Skin chemical peels and uses her expertise in skin to deliver the highest quality customer service. Beka has also trained other estheticians with her techniques. Her goal is to use high-performing products to help her clients with their skin and post-wax care.


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3BWaxing provides its clients with the best waxing experience and the best chemical peels to ensure they are seeing REAL results.

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What are 3BWaxing's Values?

  • Building trust with clients in a comfortable environment

  • Ensuring confidentiality

  • Educating clients on their skin and personal needs

  • Providing professionalism

  • High sanitation practices


3BWaxing has waxed star of Bad Girls Club 16 Stephanie Tejada


Worked LA Fit Expo with V The MakeupArtist

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Worked NBA All Start Weekend Event with Matthew Knowles as the guest speaker. Photos with Shar Jackson, Kat Tat from Black Ink, and Amina Pankey from Love and Hiphop. 


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3BWaxing seeks to launch a new standard and style of luxury and corrective skin services


“For years I was getting my brows threaded anywhere I could really, I didn’t have a set eyebrow lady and I was disappointed every time. I stopped getting them done and went on a “strike” for about a year and then cleaned with a shaver whenever I thought I needed to. Originally I came to beka for a Brazilian and talked to her about my eyebrow situation. I decided to let her at it and I have no regrets at all. I now come to beka for all my eyebrow (and wax) needs!!!! I won’t trust any other esthetician with my hair and skin care.


—Los Angeles DJ, Lady M.

 A Facial in a wipe!

A Facial in a wipe!

Custom made, medical grade wipes that have salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acid to help with exfoliating. Also they contain certified organic aloe for moisturizing properties. Contains 60 pads. 

These wipes are unique to 3BWaxing! Any other wipe you find with the 3 acids for exfoliating won't have them at the top of the ingredient list. Why should you care if they are at the top? The higher an ingredient is on the label of a product, the more active it is. The original thought about making this product was because  as a wax specialist I’ve also learned there are so many people struggling with ingrown hair problems and it doesn’t get talked about as much cause it can be embarrassing. My goal was to have a product that really helps with ingrowns AND scars from them. This product can be used on the face as well for acne. These medicated exfoliating pads that have the necessary ingredients to improve skin contain NO ALCOHOL so they will not leave your skin drying. With all the active ingredients included this product is an at home facial in a wipe!


Brazilian Wax Training

If you are an esthetician and would like to improve your brazilian waxing skills, get faster, or want to start doing brazilian waxing for he first time. I offer a 4 hour training to help you! $250 and you will be able to do a brazilian in 15 mins or less. Comes with a certificate of completion. Email for more information. 

I also help estheticians start their own product line and have created an ebook that will walk you through the process. It's easy because all the research is done for you. Click the left tab and go to shop to find the ebook. 

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A Top 10 Service

3BWaxing seeks to launch a new standard and style of luxury and corrective skin services

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